Andrew WK – The Past Ten Years

Attention all party fans. Officially the worlds most fun and positive man is returning to the UK to tour for the first time since 2003 and will be playing his massive banger of a debut album I Get Wet in its entirety. I’ve got to admit I hope he doesn’t just play that ‘cos I Get Wet is only 35 minutes long and that would be a pretty bent headline slot, but anyway whatever happens some unbridled awesomeness is clearly on the cards.

This is amazing news for a number of hard rocking reasons, but mainly because Andrew WK is batshit mental and the last decade has seen him embark in a series of extra-ordinary antics that will pickle your brain. Essentially Mario Balotelli is to football what Andrew WK is to music.

Raised in Michigan, Andrew started learning classical piano aged four before studying jazz keyboard at some mad hippy school (the schools mascot was a shitting rainbow zebra) and playing in millions of bands with fucking terrible names such as: Music Band, Stormy Rodent, Mr Velocity Hopkins and The Malt Lickers. He also wrote a song about a girl he fancied at school that was so creepy he got a restraining order from da rozzers.

Clearly troubled by bad band names he formed Andrew WK, named after himself, and briefly they got massive doing their party thing all over the world with I Get Wet. Follow up album The Wolf bombed a bit, but AWK was still being absolutely boss. After breaking his foot on stage in 2004 he continued the tour, looking generally crazed as he thrashed around in a wheelchair.

Things then got really odd as he stopped making music for a while, concentrating on being a self help motivational speaker and instead giving speeches with an emphasis on the power of party at universities all over the place including academic big guns like Yale and New York. Rumours then began to circulate that he didn’t exist, that he was several different people warped by plastic surgery over time and that he was a record company’s creation.

These claims were accentuated by the fact that he released two dangerously weird albums in Japan only (fucking hipster) and an album consisting of ‘spontaneous solo piano improvisations’ inspired by his favourite car, called 55 CADILLAC. Kerrang Magazine likened it to Rachmaninoff as played by a fucking lunatic. And not in a good way, in a spastically terrible way. As well as all this he wrote a Kit Kat theme tune used in adverts worldwide, produced reggae legend, Lee Scratch Perry’s Grammy award nominated album Repentance and opened his own multi award winning nightclub in Manhattan. It has over 150 loud speakers in it. Last year he also released a collaboration with Soulja Boy.

All of the above is completely true – here’s an example of how deranged some of the music he produced on the Japan only albums was.

Anyway when I was 14 I went to see him on his last tour. Before the gig I watched him eat a massive egg pie (quiche) by himself (party), really quickly (badman), through his tour bus window. The gig itself was more fun than getting stuck on a boat full of pissed, oily tarts and afterwards he came out to talk to everyone and do heroic things like leave people Andrew WK voicemail messages on their phones (no one had a camera phone back then, you had to be inventive to prove you had met a minor celeb).

So yeah, basically I’m pretty psyched about all this, and not in a bent postmodern ironic way, but in a genuine ‘I love giddy great times’ way and I think you should be too. Despite seemingly slipping into ignominy in these parts the UK, like any good elephant, never forgets huge bants and beer swilling mega times, as his three leg tour has had to be upgraded to accommodate the public demand for tickets.

4 Ways To Integrate Pop Music Into Your Entire Life

Some people really hate pop music. For these people pop music is the product of a system which rewards banality, the biggest profit margins and style over substance. This type of music is manufactured without remorse and actively tunes in to the part of the brain most susceptible to rhythmic patterns, so you find yourself practically incapable of not humming the latest No.1 inexplicably on the bus, despite having only caught a whiff of the song on an advert the night before.

For other people, pop music is awesome. They can’t get enough, and finding another opportunity to devour it insatiably is a great thing. For that reason here are some ways which you can scoop a few more dollops of pop into your daily ear trough.

X Factor

The format of this show demonstrates the pop music machine. It takes people that want to be famous, parades them in front of the public for a few months to find out who is the most popular, paints their lovable back stories and then declares a winner. This winner is then dealt a No.1 record thanks to the hype of the show, makes lots of money for the record company, then pitches them into a spiral of depression as their fame dries up. You can watch X Factor in ITV on Saturday and Sunday nights. You can also catch up on their website.

Social Networking

Facebook, and alike, is the latest hunting ground for executives looking for more record buying hoards. If you want to absorb some pop noise, turn off your brain and tune in to what the majority of people are talking about. Find out who has the most ‘likes’ and there you have it: your next favourite pop group.


Unless you like real music and get a live wedding band, chances are you will get a wedding DJ. Wedding DJ’s are a special group of individuals who are subjected to requests for aging pop tunes and super diva groups until the end of the night. If you want to escape this madness, trust your DJ because chances are, he will know more about good music than you. Unless you are the bride, then it’s up to you.

Karaoke Bars are big in Japan…and getting bigger in the UK. Karaoke bars are coming to a town near you. With shows like X Factor encouraging everyone and their dog that they can sing, expect to find a range of pop tunes for you to sing along to in your nearest bar soon.

Affiliate Marketing Can Get You Out of Debt

I heard my neighbor pull into his driveway at about 2 AM, the low rumbling of his old Camaro breaking the late night silence. I had heard the familiar rumble as he brought the car to life only an hour earlier when he had headed off to work, something he had done nearly every morning for the past two years. I wondered why he had returned home early, hoping that he and his family were okay. I later learned he had lost his job… he showed up for work but his job was no longer there.

I imagine this scene is playing itself out in quiet neighborhoods all over the world. People’s lives being turned upside down by a failing economy leaving folks with out jobs, without money, and sadly, without hope. I know because it happened to me and on the night my neighbor lost his job I was actually pulling out my credit card to spend the last few dollars we had on one of those instant Internet riches programs you can find in abundance on late night television when you are up pacing the floors with worry.

They prey on folks like you and I, these late night info-mercials. Promises of instant cash flooding your bank account all without lifting a finger… what a scam. Please, do not fall victim to these get rich overnight programs, they do not work.

So, what does work and why am I writing this article at 2 AM? Well, I’m pretty used to being up worrying about money but now I’m up because I am too excited to sleep! I want you to hear me on this: Affiliate Marketing can get you out of debt, plain and simple. Now, I’m not talking about some type of scheme here like signing people up to join your level or down-line or whatever other fancy term these programs have come up with.

Nope, I’m talking about what companies like Home-Depot and WalMart do everyday… act as a middleman between a customer and a product owner. The great thing about doing this on the Internet though is that you do not have to buy the products and resell them. The owner takes care of fulfilling the orders once you make a sale. I like to take it a step further and sell digital “how to” eBooks because there is no physical product to deal with. No printing, shipping or handling charges, just pure profit!

Most eBook owners will pay you 50-75% of those profits just for sending interested people to their websites who ultimately make a purchase. The product is delivered immediately to their computer and an independent third party handles the transaction to make sure you are paid your commission before the owner of the product sees a single dime… It is awesome!

I shared this good news with my neighbor and as I look out my window I see the light on in his study. Imagine, at 2 AM you can get out of bed, walk 20 or so steps to your computer and start working! As the family starts to rise you can be there to greet them and give them big hugs and kisses and perhaps sit down to an unhurried breakfast if you want to. Affiliate Marketing is a true life changing business model and one you should definitely look into!

Where to Find Party Girls in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is loaded with hot beautiful party girls all looking for one night stands and a night of romance not thought possible except for in a movie. You can now look to make this are reality for them by finding the hottest and thorniest spots to capture that lovely girl for a night of lust and excitement.

The energy levels in Las Vegas are like no other you cannot help but get swept up in the excitement of enjoying a weekend with of high-powered nightlife and beautiful industry staff servicing your every need. Fortunately for the Vegas visitors you get to benefit by receiving top notch service, awesome amenities, killer nightclubs and a social vibe that wreaks of sexuality worn by almost everyone.

As Guy Groups and Las Vegas Bachelor Parties spend most of their time focused on hitting up the high-powered nightclubs for a night of fun. Although very rewarding at times it can be seriously expensive so I present alternative venues nd meeting spots to find party girls in Las Vegas.

Two hotspots you probably never gave much thought includes the Las Vegas Male reviews, Chippendales and Thunder From Down Under. What you say? Why would I as a guy head to these male reviews, well very simply they are loaded with hundreds of hot horny women.

No you do not need to enter the show or even buy a ticket here is the best part both Male Reviews have bars that are positioned at the entrance where women hang out before an after the show, mmmh, interesting right? Well, as an innocent by standard who happens to be walking by you notice a large group of women parading around thongs and garter belts seeking a male companion to entertain them, why not you! The funny thing is most guys are intimidated to enter these target rich environments mostly 100% females but what could be a better landing sport or launch pad for any bachelor party or group of guys looking to have some real fun!

limousines are basically nightclubs on wheels girls are cheap and do their best not to spend money except on themselves (massages, clothes, food, etc) or on you that is if you’re a good lover. Party Buses and Stretch Hummers are awesome openers and ways to attract a large group of girls stranded in their heels on the strip.

So how is that you ask? Well if you guys are just having fun and happen to be on a rolling party bus loaded with liquor than a group of lovely women would like nothing more than a free ride and for you guys a chance to show off your cool fun vibe possibly wooing them into a nights stay back at your hotel. Everybody in Las Vegas seeks excitement and stories to go back home and tell their friends what could make for a better memory then hopping aboard a party bus loaded with bachelors down to get wasted and enjoy the night, its serendipity!

During the day or mid-afternoon times girls are swarming Las Vegas Pool Parties and malls these are the best areas to find large quantities of women who will not suspect you are on the prowl. But do not overlook the sidebars and drinking holes found along the strip as these places present a great opportunity for guys to meet a group of girls and party during the day! Popular locations include Wet Republic, Encore Beach Club, Carnival Court and Fashion Show Mall.

If you don’t seek to venture outside of the Hotel then stay at your hotel and hit up the local drinking holes in the lobby. By far the best option for finding female friends hotel bars are usually comprised of guests staying over night or visitors seeking to enjoy the amenities you being one of them. Las Vegas Hotels have spent significant money to build a social setting comprised of restaurants, bars and clubs.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel has done the best job of offering alternative avenues for drinking and meeting people. The Chandelier Bar is a 3 level open aired lounge which sites adjancent to the Marquee Mega Club, restuarant row and more making it an ideal launching pad for meeting people. Other bars inside the trendy Comospolitan hotel include Vesper Bar, Bond and Queue Bar.

Dress up is key! Wear something loud, fun like your only interested in impressing yourself and you will attract passers-by commenting and wanting to be a part of your party experience. The more guys the better and this is guaranteed fun for anyone with or without women!

Now that you have found out a few secrets on how to where to meet Las Vegas Party Girls rest assure your next visit to Las Vegas will not be the same. I have tried and tested all the above theories all off which work and even better involve the group of guys you are with so everyone has fun in the process.

Just to recap the best places to meet women are at Pool Parties followed by Hotel Bars and finally Nightclubs!

Groom’s Guide to Picking Some Awesome Wedding Transportation

Below we’ll look at some different types of wedding transportation available to you, and some of the considerations to take into account with each.

Horse Drawn Carriage

We’re kicking off with the most traditional form of wedding transportation – the horse drawn carriage. While it was almost certainly not the first thing that sprang to your mind, it’s something your bride will likely have thought about, especially if she considers her wedding a fairytale. It’s possibly the most romantic of the options.

The Limousine

A limo is another quite traditional option. There are lots of sizes and colours available nowadays but it’s probably best to stick to white or black if you don’t want anything to look tacky!

Classic Cars

A classic car such as a Bentley or Rolls Royce is probably the most popular choice of transport for a wedding. It’s more suited to traditional formal weddings.

Sports Cars

Now this is more like it! If your wedding is a little less traditional, more modern and stylish then this could be a great choice for you. Driving something like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for some people. It will be great fun to drive but the cost is likely to be reasonably high. Expect to be able to hire a Lambo for around £550 per day (though this can vary greatly) and you will have to leave around £4000 as a deposit).

Party Bus

Whilst normally more of a choice for stag do’s or hen nights, if your wedding is more of a relaxed, party type, atmosphere, then you could consider the use of a party bus. This would accommodate all of your guests, and would have stylish sofas and seating, a dance floor, bar, and party lighting. There would also be staff on board to serve drinks. It can be a great fun way to transfer all of your guests to the wedding reception and get the party started as soon as possible!

Similarly, it is also possible to hire a traditional red London bus, which would take you and all the guests from wedding venue to the reception.

Monster Truck / Big Rig Truck

Yes, that’s right… you can hire these to transport you to the wedding, or even to get married in! They are huge, and some are kitted out so that you can even have a party in the back (similar to the party bus mentioned above). This is certainly one option that will get people talking!… just make sure it’s something your bride will like!

The Helicopter

This wouldn’t be cheap but it would be pretty damn cool!! Obviously, if seriously considering this, make sure that there is somewhere near to the ceremony where the chopper will be able to land!

The mode of transport that you eventually decide upon will determine how far in advance you need to book. However, around 3-5 months in advance is normally sufficient.

You also need to think about how the vehicle will be used. Will it take you to and from the wedding, or pick up your bride and take her there? Will you just want something to drive away from the wedding in? You probably won’t get away with spending a lot of money getting a Ferrari to take you, and then not sorting anything for your bride!

When agreeing the price with the company from who you are hiring, make sure you understand everything that is included in the price. How many hours can you have it for? Is fuel included? Do they charge you extra per mile? Is gratuity included if you have a driver? Most companies will normally offer you extras such as Champagne, and flowers, but it normally works out cheaper if you buy these yourself.

Enjoy Your Vacations – Charter A Bus

It’s winter – the snowy, chilly season! Christmas is just around the corner and in a few weeks’ time we are going to enter yet another new year. It is that time of the year when family and friends gather together for parties and vacations. Speaking about vacations, how long has it been since you have made a trip to holiday spots with your loved ones? There is nothing like going for a long Christmas vacation with a large group. To double the enjoyment – charter a bus in Lancaster, PA as this place has some great picnic spots!

All you folks residing in Lancaster, PA if you have not yet planned a trip then now is the time. Traveling is so much fun, especially when you are all together in a group of say, ten or fifteen people. In all these happy moments if you are thinking of how to organize the trip, then your best solution is to charter a bus. Hiring a luxury bus can fetch you ample benefits. We have listed a few points to make the planning easier –

Chartering a bus makes your trip convenient and comfortable. You can enjoy the moments together with family and friends. It is awesome fun to travel in a group by singing and dancing all the way. Put on some music and dance away!
If you can plan in advance on a reasonable package from a good transport providing company then along with the traveling comfort you and your loved ones will enjoy best of accommodations, food, and sightseeing.
Traveling in a group saves a chunk of money. It a less expensive, thereby bringing down traveling costs and also takes a burden off your shoulders which is exactly what you need while on a vacation.
Chartering a luxury bus will give added advantages of a movie theatre, restroom, very comfortable seats, sleeping quarters, safety and security, and might be a play station for your kids.
Charter a bus, and travel around the world. Packages like casino tours, international tours, sports tours and day tours are available.

It’s the season to make a joyous trip to the destinations that you have always desired to visit. Make every moment special and make your trip a memorable one. For the ultimate traveling experience, contact to charter a bus. Lancaster, PA residents are indeed lucky as Conestoga tours have affordable yet grand travel packages available for them. Travel the world with Conestoga Tours!

Brilliant Stag Weekend in Nottingham

If you want a successful stag weekend think of Nottingham. The place has taken stag weekends to new heights of brilliance all together. It has an intoxicating cocktail of bars, clubs and some of the coolest activities. The weekend in Nottingham can be both expensive and reasonable so get ready to take a trip to Robin Hood’s stomping.

A city filled with loads of character; the locals are welcoming souls, which makes the weekend extremely friendly and awesome. Nottingham is accurately bursting at the seams with watering holes and there are every imaginable sort of bar and pub.

The town is located on the River Trent and legend has it that the ghost of the supervisor of Nottingham Forest Brian Clough can be seen walking across the water quite regularly. Filled with numerous bars, pubs and clubs and is the proud owner of the oldest pub in England. Nottingham is a heaven for an excellent adventurous weekend.


Your stag here can include a number of things, and each custom made so as to suit your exact requirements. Once at Nottingham you can go paintballing or pro go kart racing where the speed can reach 50mph. You can also go for the highly recommended Sphereing, where you imitate a hamster and made to sit inside a large clear ball and then rolled down a hill. Other exciting events include quad bicycle trekking, clay shooting, white water rafting and even paintball tank battle and many many more.

Night life

It is town which is filled with bars, clubs and pubs. There can be no great stag party if you do not begin it with Hooters. The gorgeous waitresses in tight low cut tops and very short shorts and excellent chicken, makes it a must visit. You can later hire a Party-bus nightclub tour or visit a comedy club. Even a boat tour along the River Trent is a great idea. And finally you can end the night by hitting one of best lap dancing venues.

Make sure that you hire the services of the professional who manages everything to the tee, so that you can just lay back and enjoy. Here you can enjoy the last few days of your bachelorhood with bundles of fun, frolics and merriment.

Limousine Service – Your Big Day

Imagine ‘perfection’ on your big day! The day that you have been dreaming about and planning for all your life is finally around the corner and you want nothing less than absolute perfection. It is your chance to feel like you are in a fairytale of your own and the world is at your feet. All that matters are your desires, wishes and whims. Everything should be exactly as you had always dreamed.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of elements at play when it comes to planning and executing a wedding ceremony and reception most successfully. Everything from picking the venue down to the minutest details related to food and décor must be handled by you and you alone. Why? Because you cannot trust anyone to make your day magical but yourself!

What will give glamour and ultimate touch of magic to your big day? The star element that would make it feel like a true magical moment would be the one where you step out of your luxurious, top of the line, state-of-the-art, eye popping and jaw dropping gorgeous limousine!

Yes, you heard it right! A limousine on your big day will give the perfect finishing to your perfect day. Limousines are pure luxury, comfort and style; three things that you need more than ever on your wedding day. Limousine services, understanding the increasing demand for wedding limos, come up with exclusive wedding limos. These vehicles are customized to fit to your demands and requirements. Everything from a liquor cabinet, satellite phone, Wi-Fi, DVD players, Xbox, surround sound stereos down to a disco ball can be added to your wedding limo on your demand. Limousine services take great care in providing you with exactly what you require on your big day.

These limousine services have different models and makes of limousines available for you to pick from. If your wedding is themed one then having a limousine service hook you up with a limo that would go with the wedding theme would be just awesome! All models of limos from classic, modern, exotic to antique are made available for you. You can also request a particular model, color and type of limo from your limousine service.

The ride of your life would arrive from your choice of limousine service to pick you up and take you to your dream wedding. You can choose to travel alone or with a wedding party and can also hire a party bus for the purpose. As your luxury limousine pulls up at the wedding venue and your uniformed chauffeur takes your door and you step out looking stunningly ravishing you can be sure that it would be the most perfect that a moment can get.

The LAX Airport Limo Service – A Necessity More Than a Luxury

Los Angeles LAX Airport limo rentals help you keep your appointment in style

LAX airport is one of the busiest places on Earth. How many times have you felt that you could get away from the hustle and bustle to your destination as quickly as possible? Taking care of luggage, finding your way out and getting on the road takes up precious time and energy. Imagine having to wait in line to hail a cab with all your baggage!

LAX peak hour airport transportation

The difficulty is all the more heightened if you are responsible for a group of people, need to receive guests or have an appointment to keep. Flights coming in late or even early can further mess up the most carefully laid plans. Most of us wish for some sort of order and comfort in this chaotic situation. After a hectic day and a long flight there is nothing more reassuring then a classy limo waiting to drop you off at your destination.

Luxury and security within your means

Traffic around the LAX airport at peak hours often resembles a maze and one could easily get lost especially if you are new to the city. A luxurious limo, with a chauffeur who knows the best routes, at affordable rates is an effective solution for your problems. Hiring a limo for LAX airport pick-up or drop service is a practical alternative to avoid traffic woes and arrive at one’s destination on time. Most limo rental companies offer online as well as phone booking options making it extremely easy to book a limo for airport transportation. Booking your limo well in advance is advisable as one can get the best vehicles at extremely affordable prices.

A versatile transport option

Limo rental services in places like Los Angeles are some of the most professional ones you can find. Your chauffeur would be there to meet you at the airport regardless of whether you are late or early. If one is travelling in a group a luxury stretch limo can comfortably seat up to 20 people. One may even go for a party bus which can accommodate up to 40 people and also make the ride a fun filled event.

To receive guests is there any better way than having a Cadillac Escalade limo complete with a well dressed and courteous chauffeur. Los Angeles airport limo services are extensively used by the corporate world to ensure clients and business associates travel in comfort and style. Airport limo rentals in California are well known for their prompt services ensuring that your guests arrive for an important meeting or convention on time without fail.

So what are you planning?

Most limo rentals in Los Angeles also offer discount rates for airport transportation if you are planning a night out after arrival. Dinner at a classy restaurant and some sightseeing makes for an agreeable way to enjoy the trip whether with friends or business associates. What could be more pleasurable, entertaining and safe than riding in a limousine around Los Angeles taking in the surroundings while relaxing in the back of the limo with all the amenities you could wish for at hand? A bar offering an assortment of refreshments, laser lights, plush leather seats, flat screen TV’s, audio and video devices are just some of the things that an awesome limousine offers.

Great Gifts That Don’t Cost You a Dime!

‘Tis the season…and you know what that means. Parties! Presents! And…Possibilities!

You want to be prepared! You want to look good. You want to feel good. You want to be on your best behavior (or not! But just in case…

Just in case this season…you’re invited to a fabulous party or decide to host that intimate gathering or just want to go out with friends to see the latest cover band…And just in case He’s there…You want to look and feel your best. You want to be your best self.

And just in case…You want to be prepared with gifts…for yourself as well as others. Here are five great gift ideas that are appropriate for you to give during the Holidays…and all year ’round!

1. Give Presence

When you enter a room…whether it’s on a date or for a party…how you present can determine the level of success (or lack of success) for your evening. You give great presence when you look good, taste good, smell good, sound good and feel good. Wear something that makes you feel fantastic! Do something that’s good for your body…like dancing or exercise or listening to good music. Baths and naps are good too!

Give presence to the moment. Listen and speak with respect. Even if you don’t agree with him (or think he’s a dweeb) give him the courtesy of listening.

Listening is an awesome gift.

2. Give Back

He gives. You give back. He calls. You call him back. He takes you out…(okay twice.) You cook him dinner. Give back in appreciation when he (or anyone else) gives to you. When you receive a gift, give back. Give back to a man you respect in a creative, appreciative way. DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT give him as much as he gives you. If you give equally…you’re friends. If you give more, he’s in debt to you. So unless you want to play the role of BIG MAMA, pay attention to how much he gives you and what you give back.

3. Give a Smile

Smiles make you look good and they’re easy to wear. Funny thing about a smile…even when you don’t feel like it, smiling makes you feel better. Do it. Push up the corners of your mouth (use your fingers if necessary) and see what happens. Nothing? Do it again. Starting to feel it? Once more…

See? Great. Keep wearing it! 🙂

4. Give a Compliment

When he does something nice for you, compliment him. Thank him for his phone call. Thank him when he takes you out. Tell him how much you appreciate the date (even if you were bored silly.) (He can’t help who he is.)

Practice giving compliments. Thank the bus boy who fills your water glass. Appreciate the security guard who opens the door for you. Men feel good when they’re acknowledged for doing good. One of the greatest gifts you can give a guy is a compliment. And when the compliment comes from an amazing, awesome woman like you, he’ll Rock when he receives it!

5. Give to Yourself

This holiday season, I hope you receive many gifts! But the greatest gift of all is the gift you give yourself. So be generous. Be good to yourself. Take time out. Have fun. Rest. Make time to feel good… And may you have the best Holiday EVER!


For more articles by the Dating Director go to: Love Life & Looking Good Article Blog

Cherry Norris is a renowned celebrity dating coach, workshop director and popular speaker. Based in Los Angeles, California, Cherry is an official dating coach for Cupid’s Coach matchmaking service and the relationship expert on Catherine Oxenberg’s TV pilot, Practical Princess. Cherry has lead workshops around the US and on cruises to Mexico and Alaska. She has been featured in The LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Divine Caroline, and Women’s World.

Cherry’s passion is helping people build healthy, intimate romantic relationships. Under her direction, you will learn the skills and techniques for dating that will have you starring in the role of a lifetime opposite the co-star you’ve been waiting for!